Pendragon Chainmail


Custom, hand-made chainmail, including tops, skirts, medieval armor, chokers, belts, pouches, wings, and more. “If you can think it, I can link it.”

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Ringing Rocks Archery

Archery Lane and Vendor

This Bowyer and Fletcher has traditional and fantasy-inspired bows and arrows for sale, and will be running an archery lane during the faire so you can test your abilities and the quality of the merchandise firsthand!

Ringing Rocks' Website

Red Falcon Armoury


Red Falcon Armoury specializes in high-profile, low maintenance stainless steel armour for live-action combat and jousts. Our combination of price and quality make armour from RFA the best value available. RFA also offers quality leather products to enhance your armour or accessorize your Renaissance Faire, Steampunk, Cosplay, LARP, Fantasy attire.

Red Falcon's Site

House of Steel

Damascus Steel and Artisanal Wares

The House of Steel is coming to the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire and bringing their finest wares, including hand-forged steel weapons and artistically crafted drinkware.

House of Steel's Website

Traders of Tamerlane

Yurts and Tents

We specialize in hand crafted yurts (Mongolian round tents) and decor, furniture & other goods from cultures across Asia, both past and present. All of our products are individually made with care and our craftsmen take pride in every piece they produce.

Traders of Tamerlane's Website

Raiffe Glass

Glass Blower

Reknowned flame wizard and glass blowing artist Joshua Raiffe will be doing live glass-blowing classes at the Philly Ren Faire, and selling an assortment of handmade glass items, including glass swords! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

First weekend only.

Raiffe Glass

Surbrook Creations

Leather Goods and Accessories

A diverse assortment of handmade leather products including journals, mugs, pouches, bags, jewelry, and even leather clocks! Second Weekend Only (May 20th & 21st).

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Absolem’s Garden


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. Find the perfect finishing pieces to your costume or wardrobe.

Absolem's Garden Website

Sage Cottage

Herbal Bodycare

Sage Cottage offers bath and body products hand made with essential oils and fresh herbs and flowers. We also sell a plethora of items from candles and incense to jewelry.

Sage Cottage's Site

Elven Creations

Costume Accessories

Fairy wings, wands, hair accessories, unicorn and regular horns, flower crowns, and more!

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Miatawolf Impressions

Hand-etched Glass Art

We do glass etching by hand on recycled glass items.

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Treasures Past to Present

Restores Period Artifacts

Our jewelry is made up of actual Period Pieces (rings, pendants, and crosses) from the Celtic, Roman, Viking Medieval eras, metal detected and restored, with modern chains added.

Treasures' Website

Horny Things

Drinking Horns

Drinking horns and mugs as well as personal care items and more made from horn and bone.

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Whimsical Knottery

Marlingspike Knotting Leatherwork

Our medium is leather and our products consist of hand knotted and braided jewelry, hand carved, tooled and painted masks, hand knotted, braided and painted knotling dolls, hand knotted and braided dragons and leather purses. All of our work is made from either kangaroo or cow leather.

Vendor's Website

Masks by Antonette

Hand-made Masks

Antonette’s Masks’ artistry is very vivid and detailed; each one is hand painted and one-of-a-kind.

Antonette Masks' Facebook Page

Metal Reign

Leather, Chainmail, Jewelry, Metaphysical Baubles

Metal Reign offers handcrafted chainmaille and jewelry; and specialize in custom chain lengths.

Metal Reign Etsy Shop Metal Reign Facebook Page

Le Loup Garou

Absinthe Kits

Le Loup Garou sells packets of herbs and materials you can use to turn your alcohol and turn it into Absinthe! You pick the flavor and your favorite alcohol and enjoy!

Le Loup Garou on Facebook

Ana’s Botanica

Spiritual Store

A spiritual store operating for over 20 years out of Long Island. This botanica has candles, incense, statues, gems, and a wide variety of others goods.

Sundays only.

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Fascination Street

Prints, Jewelry, and Miscellany

Prints on Antique dictionary pages, Steampunk/Neo Victorian Inspired jewelry, wrist bags, trinket boxes and More!!

Fascination Street on Facebook

Dopey Dragon Dry Goods

Woodware, Textiles, and Miscellany

Dopey Dragon has a wide assortment of goods, including woodware, yard goods, leather, cordage, jewelry, textiles, feathers, beads, rocks, feather fans, fan staves, and other stuff as the mood strikes.

Dopey Dragon's Site

The Pirate’s Quest

Scavenger Hunt

An interactive scavenger hunt the will lead patrons to solve riddles and challenges wherever they see the pirate’s crest. Prizes are included for any brave soul who completes this quest!

Gouldie Rocks

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewlery imbued with Goddess energy. For everyday, Ren Faire, Festivals, Steampunk, Cosplay, Rituals and anything else.

Facebook Page

Dazzling Doodles


We do facepainting for all ages, and will be located near the games and family area!

Sundays only.

Keep It Simply Stylish

Corsets and Clothing

Stylish corsets, clothing, and jewelry!

KISS on Facebook

Mystic Realm Artisan

Jewelry and Earwraps

Mystic Realm Artisan sells hairtwisters, elf ears, earwrap jewelry, and pocket watches

My Pieces of Eight

Wood Keepsake Boxes

Hand crafted and carved wood journals and hand crafted carved wood keepsake boxes.

Food Vendors

The Colony Meadery


Using modern techniques, precise fermentation controls, and the most refined elbow grease, we produce honey-based alcoholic beverages that surprise the palate and amaze the judges. Our meads burst with flavor and glide down the throat with sophisticated, layered profiles and unparalleled smoothness.

Colony Meadery's Website

Lord Lumpy’s BBQ


The ever popular turkey leg returns!

Lumpy's Website

Festival Foods


Festival Food Management (FFM) has been managing, coordinating and offering food within the entertainment industry for over fifteen years, serving more than 500 multi-state events and feeding millions of people each year.

Festival Foods' Website

…and more to come!

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