The Magic of Daniel GreenWolf

Daniel GreenWolf is an award-winning magician, writer, creator, and slightly mad Irishman.

He has been voted as one of the top five solo variety acts in the United States by the Renaissance Festival podcast and Renaissance Magazine for five years in a row.

The Magic of Daniel GreenWolf is a show that takes highly visual magic, theatrical storytelling, exhilarating Irish music, interactive comedy, & thrilling danger, and wraps it in a Celtic theme that has been described as “A witty, modern-day Celtic Viking. Like James Joyce with a broad sword.”

One weekend only. Don’t miss our featured performer!

Official Site of Daniel GreenWolf

Chaste Treasure

Comedic Singing Group

Chaste Treasure’s trio of upperclass ladies bring a unique, soulful sound to sassy songs and modern parodies alike. Truly a “treasure” but questionably “chaste,” their audience interaction is comical while their tight harmonies mean business. From frolicking drinking songs to sea shanties and original folk tunes, Chaste Treasure has something for every music lover.

Shakespeare Approves

Interactive Comedy

Shakespeare Approves! is a one-man Renaissance Faire with audience-interactive, living historical performance, Shakespearean shows!

Join Will Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment, sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, romance, shipwrecks, musical numbers, and … being pursued by a bear! The Shakespearean adventures are a family-friendly, madcap, zany time where everyone gets involved, whether you want to jump onstage as a performer or sit back in the audience & enjoy the fun!  Where there’s a Will, there’s a Play!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Website

Bad Idea Entertainment

Variety Act

The Master of (Somewhat Controlled) Disaster:
Doug Stafford

As an entertainer for all ages, Doug Stafford’s notion of a good time ranges from demonstrating the use of fire as alternate means of hair removal to knife juggling while perched atop a seesaw. Doug developed his act in dark alleys with sideshow artists, magicians, jugglers, and creepy comedians. He brings all this to you, with an uncanny sense of why one should never do such things.


Mythic Folk Band

Dubbing their sound “Mythic Folk,” Ashagal (As-Hagal) transports the listener to the realm of dark faerie tales.  Their esthetic blends languages and world music to unlock a mist-filled path to a legendary past where nature is vital, sacred, and magical. Ancient and modern instruments infuse their original lyrics and compositions with rich textures, including the sounds of medieval bagpipes, electric guitar, tribal drums, and flute.

Ashagal is:

Sierra Fox – Vocals and Percussion
John Harford – Bagpipes and Flutes
Cat Orifice – Guitar and Backing Vocals

Lord Marshall Laww

Interactive Comedy

Marshall Laww’s Kangaroo Court Comedy! – No charges, no matter how trumped up, go unpunished when the audience plays jury in this hilarious mockery of Renaissance Justice – fun for the whole family!
Marshall Laww’s Cock & Bull Comedy Show! – Match wits with the sharp-tongued Laww in this tastefully bawdy, highly interactive comedy show. (adult humour/clean language)

Video Clip of the Marshall in action

Rascals & Rogues

Songs of Mirth and Mayhem

Founded in 2012, Rascals & Rogues is a zany band singing faire favorites and new hits with a unique take that will keep you dancing, clapping and singing along all year! Coining the genre “Ren-Rock,” Rascals and Rogues is now in its fifth of year bringing their own personal twist to ren faire music both old and new!

Facebook Page

Pieces of 8

Folk Band

Take one part gypsy, two splashes of puns, a HUGE dash of A.D.O.S. (Attention Deficit… OH SQUIRELL!), and the strangest family dynamics ever encountered and you get: PIECES OF 8!!

The Belle family comes together to bring entertainment by the cartful to the wandering masses, with their distinct blend of “family show” comedy, audience interaction, and harmonious songs for a full
“A Capella Renaissance Musical Experience”. They are the most dysfunctional family on the shire, and can’t wait to bring you into the fold!

Current members (and stage names):

  • Christopher Miller— Reginald Belle, the Gypsy King
  • Janice Bayne— Anna Belle Lee
  • Stacy Kuchinski— Gulliver Belle
  • Alisha “Cricket” Lewis— Liza Belle
  • Nicole Wong— Ginny “Jingle” Belle

The Jackdaws

Irish Rock

The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws.


Lady Ophelia’s Dance

Traditional Folk Dance

Lady Ophelia invites you to flirt the old fashioned way! Watch, Dance, Frolic, & Flirt as you are entwined in the history, the joy, and the traditions of the dance.

Facebook Page

Fiddler’s Tales

Fiddle playing, story-song singing,  tale-telling, and rollicking good fun at your service!

What was once NeidFyre has evolved into something new and different!  Fiery music, luminescence, a wicked sense of humor with a healthy serving of cheese!

Fiddler's Tales Facebook Page


Celtic Harpist

Songs of old, when knights were bold, and faeries roamed the woods — when Michele Mountain plays her Celtic harp, it can be hard to tell where she stops and the music begins. That’s what happens when you combine over 25 years as a working harpist with the sheer gratitude of someone who loves what she does. Stop by to hear traditional music of the British Isles, tales both fearful and fair, and much more.

Dungeon Palz Presents: How to be Bad at D&D

Interactive Improv

Dungeon Palz is a long-running interactive comedy show where comedians and audience members alike play D&D-style fantasy role playing games on-stage. Enjoy the most chaotic and least rule-abiding game of “D&D” you’ve ever played. Roll dice, battle fantastical monsters, role-play characters you’ve never seen before, and drive your Dungeon Master Josh Yarnall insane, all while being very poorly instructed by comedian and host Matt Aukamp.

Sean “The Whipsy Rover” McGarry

Whip Show

Join the Whipsy Rover as he amazes crowds with danger, whips, and delights. A mentor of miscreants, McGarry will teach you to handle the whip yourself as he dares stunning feats!

Daughters of the Hip

Tribal Fusion belly dance

Daughters of the Hip is a mixed-level student troupe out of Tribal Bellies Dance Studio in Huntingdon Valley, PA under the direction of Vikki Gale, specializing in Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance and Tribal Fusion belly dance.


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