2018 Season Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us at our Faire!

You may be wondering what a volunteer role with us entails. We divide the volunteer forces as best we can according to each volunteer’s availability; the more volunteers we have the more we are able to divide tasks and labor. Most volunteers should be able to handle standing on their feet, mild manual labor, interacting with guests on occasion, helping out vendors or cast members (off stage, behind the scenes), or other similar tasks for a couple of hours at a time. Our shifts may have extended hours if we have fewer volunteers, but most of the work is spread out over time and not a constant demand.

We understand that sometimes people have restrictions which leave them unable to do certain things; manual labor for example due to back problems. We’ve accomodated such restrictions in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We have plenty of tasks available for all who wish to participate. There is also a general time frame for most volunteer shifts that we’d wish to stick to, but we can make exceptions for anyone who has reason to show up a little earlier or later as needed. At the moment, you should anticipate a request to show up either for a morning shift (9am) or afternoon shift (1pm).

Predicting volunteer participation is rather difficult until we reach the actual event days, but our volunteer coordinator has developed her own special methods for handling the workload and ensuring no one is over tasked and receives both food and adequate break time.

This brings us around to what you’ll receive in exchange for volunteering with us!

As just mentioned, we provide food as best we can within everyone’s restrictions (gluten intolerance, etc) and lifestyles (vegetarian, etc). If you have concerns that we might not be able to provide around your exact restrictions or preferences, we do allow you to bring anything along you’d like to eat. However, we are unable to provide any food storage for you (such as a fridge), so please plan accordingly. We can provide a place for you to set your personal belongings aside where you’d also be able to leave any stable food products, but please be advised that these areas will be accessible to other staff and cast members. Most areas will be monitored but we still prefer to advise caution.

Aside from food, you are also given free access to the entire Faire grounds. You’ll be free to watch performances, purchase wares or foods from our vendors, enjoy a free interaction from our interactive vendors, or simply hang out with other members of staff and cast. Your free time can be before a shift, after a shift, or under special circumstances we can grant you that free access another day. We simply ask that personal time around the event be reserved for time when you are not actively on schedule as a volunteer.

If you’d like to sign up for volunteering or would simply like to be kept in the loop with any relevant information, please fill out our volunteer form. Our volunteer coordinator, Charlotte, sends out the occasional email as details are finalized.

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